“Out of this World” is much more than just a magic show! It brings together the art of illusion with the scenic and theatrical arts, creating, not only magic, but a magical atmosphere.

Breaking away from the ordinary magic shows, “Out of this World” weaves together tricks and a unique narrative that brings imagination to life. The show takes its viewers on a journey to a world where tricks vanish giving way to real magic.

The story is set on a studio where a magician tries to envision his next magic show. Alongside him are his maid, Rosie, who hates it when the house is a mess, and Mr. Wright, the craftsman behind all of the magician’s illusions.

With an original score and spectacular scenography, this show is perfect for the entire family. “Out of this World” is a surprising mix of Theatre, Comedy and Magic, turning it into, probably, the most original magic show in the World.

Don’t like “tricks” and “trickery”? Then this is the show for you.

Come experience true magic!

Author and Magician

Mário Daniel is a TV star, known by all as the magician who brought the art of magic back to life in Portugal. He produced three seasons of his Street Magic TV show that was broadcast on prime time in of the major networks in the country becoming one of the highest rated programmes on television. His TV show distribution rights were recently sold to Discovery Communications. Despite his vast curriculum, not only on television but also performing for corporate companies, like Coca Cola and Mercedes-Benz, and for public figures and celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and the President of Portugal, Mário Daniel considers “Out of this World” to be his masterpiece.

Know more about the author: www.mariodaniel.com

Cast and Crew

  • Magician- Mário Daniel;
  • Cast- Cláudia Pedrosa and Paulo Monteiro;
  • Screenplay- Mário Daniel e Sílvia Ribeiro;
  • Script Adaptation- Ana Sofia Pereira;
  • Staging- Sílvia Ribeiro;
  • Scenography- Tiago Magalhães;
  • Sound Design- Pedro Marques;
  • Lighting Design- Paulo Lourenço


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